ArtSpace at Crestwood Court

ArtSpace is a new exciting place in Crestwood Court (formerly Crestwood Mall), where artists and cultural groups perform, draw, dance, exhibit their works, hold classes and sell their art. When the mall faced the problem of vacant retail space due to a slow economy and planned redevelopment, the management came up with a creative solution: to make the space available to artists for a symbolic fee. In partnership with the Regional Arts Commission (RAC), the idea flourished in incredible opportunities for more than 100 individuals and organizations. ArtSpace helps artists who, in turn, help increase attendance at stores that remain in the mall.

What is the role of the Regional Arts Commission in this initiative?

At first, the RAC drew the cultural community’s attention to the opportunities offered by ArtSpace and excited them. Then, we work closely with tenants in ArtSpace to ensure their success, helping with everything from legal issues to obtaining residence permits. While Crestwood Court is solely responsible for all aspects of this initiative, including venue selection, lease agreements and management.

Where is Crestwood Court located?

Watson and Sappington, east of the I-44, in Crestwood. Google Map

Who is entitled to this offer?

All individual artists and cultural groups are invited to participate.

What can we do in spaces?

It is up to you! Some offers: galleries; performances; retail stores; studios; classrooms; offices; meetings; warehouses, etc.

What can we do with showcases in space?

You are responsible for creating and paying for showcases that will promote your art or organization. They must be very attractive and fascinating for passing customers.

What are the dimensions of the space?

Space sizes range from 1200 square feet; the average area is about 5000 square feet.

How much does it cost to rent?

Rent is extremely reasonable and depends on the size and location of the space.

What else do we pay for?

Electricity, telecommunications, painting, decoration and renovation.

Where are the premises located?

Most of the space is in the eastern part of the mall, where Dillard’s was located and where several stores and Chevy’s restaurant are still open. In the western part, there are several premises near the escalators to the food court, as well as several kiosks in the center of the mall.

Is it possible to physically change the space?

Yes. You can paint, decorate and renovate the space at your own expense and with the approval of Crestwood Court management.

When will we be able to access the space?

The space can be accessed 24 hours a day, either through a dedicated separate entrance (store entrance) or with the approval of security personnel on site.

Can groups work together on the space?

Yes, it is a great idea to work together to create the same space, especially for retailers.

Will it be necessary to sign a lease agreement?

Yes, it is necessary to sign a lease for one year with an option to extend it for a second year. Shorter agreements are under discussion.

What are the requirements before starting work?

You will need a residence permit and a business license, which is very simple and costs about $200. You will receive full instructions on how to do this. In addition, Crestwood Court is working on liability insurance to make it as easy and affordable as possible.

When does the rental offer start?


How long will this rental offer last?

The complete renovation of the mall is scheduled for approximately two years.