Marketing Toolbox

Marketing is the best way to get the public to know who you are and why they should support you. The RAC Marketing Tool Box program is designed to give you Power Tools to help you:

  • Sell Tickets
  • Attract the audience
  • Extend membership
  • Increased class participation
  • Direct the public to your site
  • Raise public awareness of your organization

What is marketing?

Simply put, “Marketing” is “getting information about your organization”. Marketing is not just about selling a product; effective marketing can be a great way to promote your organization’s goal, develop your brand and encourage participation.

  • FACEBOOK 101: Create a Facebook page to promote your organization and keep the community informed.
  • Media Linkages: Get the media to report on your organization. Recommendations on when to report to the media.
  • FREE, FREE MARKET Ideas: Yes, they are free. There are many good ways to get your message out to the public, which will not cost you a penny.
  • INTERACTIVE MARKETING: Creating a great website that will give the public a dynamic view of your organization, sending emails with information about your group or creating a Facebook page.
  • RECLAIM AND PROMO-ACTIONS: Disseminate information about your organization by paying for a place in the media or creating promotional materials.
  • DIRECT MALE: Use U.S. mail to send brochures about your season or postcards about an event.
  • Twitter 101: Twitter 101 for art and culture groups.
  • Kickstarter – Madinger – Kickstarter Presentation.