Art Exhibits at the Regional Arts Commission

Metro Art Exchange

Located on the second floor of the RAC building

The Regional Arts Commission created the Metro Art Exchange in collaboration with local arts organizations to allow regional artists to exhibit their work at special exhibitions in the RAC building.

The Gallery at RAC

Located on the first floor of the RAC Building

The gallery at RAC aims to exhibit works by local artists and create opportunities for curators living in the St. Louis area. By special invitation, visiting curators organize group exhibitions, each of which presents works dedicated to a specific discourse. The RAC accepts proposals for exhibitions on a permanent basis.

Gallery opening hours:

  • Monday-Friday, 10:00-17:00.
  • Saturday, noon – 17:00.

Current exhibition

The gallery at the regional commission on art is closed for reinstallation.

Please join us on Friday, August 9, 2013 from 17:30 to 19:30 at the opening reception at the “Evening Horizon”: Creative Incentive 2012 exhibition.

Upcoming exhibitions

Within the Rotating Horizon: Creative Incentive 2012 Exhibition

9 August – 28 September 2013

Curator: BJ Vogt

Artists: Angela Malcionno, Kathy Ford, Florence Gidez, Travis Russell, Gina Alvarez, Jessica Baran, Amy Thompson.

Exhibition “In the Developing Horizon”: The exhibition “Creative Stimulus 2012” at the Regional Art Commission (RAC) is curated by B.J. Vogt and presented by “Critical Mass for the Fine Arts”. Each year, Critical Mass awards three artists with a $1,500 scholarship each to help them create works and expand their horizons.

“The idea of a place is a theme that I always return to,” said Florence Gidez, a graphic artist in this exhibition. Gidez speaks not only about his own interests, but also about the themes of the exhibition related to the urban environment and the concepts of place, themes that are important for all artists. Amy Thompson, Gina Alvarez and Jessica Baran, the joint work of the group.

Gides and Kathy Ford are members of the Real Estate Program, located in the city farmhouse in Hollandtown. “Residents get involved and explore St. Louis’ unique urban environment,” explains founder Angela Malcionno. “Our main goal is to provide living/work space to facilitate artistic practice and promote regional ties.

Malcionno received one of three “Critical Mass Creative Stimulus Awards 2012” for her real estate offer, and she raised more money through Kickstarter. She is exhibiting a Kickstarter book, which describes her work on the program.

Although Gidez is from Vermont, she sees similarities between this state and St. Louis. “The feeling of loss in Vermont’s dilapidated barns, houses and vehicles is also present in many urban environments such as St. Louis,” she says.

Another Gideza resident, Kathy Ford, works with textiles. She knits pairs of sweaters, connects each pair with a large cross-section of decorative textiles, and photographed sweaters on models as they wrap around buildings, interacting with architecture. At this exhibition, Ford shows sweaters and photographs of these interactions. “My work stems from a desire to dig into these relationships that we build around our physical and mental environment,” she explains.

The physical and mental space in St. Louis plays a major role in the work of Travis Russell, an individual artist and award winner. “This dynamic urban center is dense and visually diverse, filled with the ruins of dilapidated buildings that exist in the limbo with the collapse of past civilizations,” he says. Under the influence of graphics, cinema and graphic novels, he creates assemblies and works on paper that comment on the complexity of modern life.

The third laureate is a group that includes Gina Alvarez, Jessica Baran and Amy Thompson, who leave the space of modern urban life to focus on a more meditative theme: nature. They present a year-long “366 Heavens” project that includes wall pictures of the sky as well as identical engravings intertwined in a book. Each print is accompanied by a poem for every day of the year. Alvarez’s artistic interests lie in exaggeration and a sense of miracles; Baran writes a column on art for the Riverfront Times; and Thompson’s scientific foundation, plus her training as a printer and book artist, contributes to the experimental and accurate execution of her work.

At the RAC on Friday, August 9th from 5:30 to 19:30 the “Evening Horizon” opens, which is free and open to the public. Curator and artists will give a gallery talk on Thursday, August 22 from 17:30 to 19:00. The exhibition will run until September 28.

Past Exhibits