The Arts Commandos

The Arts Commandos, a special project of the Regional Arts Commission since 1991, is a program that cultivates a corps of energetic volunteers who work as individuals or as a team to complete specific episodic projects for nonprofit arts and cultural organizations in St. Louis. Comprised of both professionals and community volunteers, Arts Commandos have the opportunity to experience the arts intimately, with a hands-on, task-oriented approach to serving the arts community.

Our Mission

The mission of the Arts Commandos volunteer program is to provide a flexible, innovative and personally rewarding way for individuals to benefit the St. Louis arts community by donating their time and energy to further the mission of each organization that seeks their support.

By the numbers…

  • Currently, there are more than 250 active members of the Arts Commandos.
  • This year alone, the Commandos have assisted on nearly 50 projects for more than 35 local arts and cultural organizations.
  • To date, the Commandos have worked on more than 650 projects for a total of nearly 36,000 volunteer hours for the arts community.


“The Arts Commandos are a great bunch of tireless, friendly people that we have come to rely upon one or two times a year for support. Congratulations to RAC for your dedicated volunteers and staff.”

˜ Kathleen McDermott, Board Member, Circus Day Foundation

“The Arts Commandos volunteers played key roles in this year’s Games… We could not have been as successful without their patience, flexibility and dedication.”

˜ Christopher Fulton, Volunteer Coordinator, St. Louis Scottish Games

“The enthusiasm of your volunteers this year did not go unnoticed, and has encouraged others to participate. [The Arts Commandos’] contribution of time, energy and talent added to a great success!”

˜ Susan Schulz & Laura Peroutka, Volunteer Co-Coordinators, Laumeier Sculpture Park