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SLIFF - Blackmail

SLIFF - Blackmail

Presented by Cinema St. Louis
With support from the Regional Arts Commission.
General Audiences

SLIFF is proud to feature the silent version of "Blackmail" with live accompaniment by the Rats & People Motion Picture Orchestra’s Matt Pace and Brien Seyle. Although "The Lodger" planted the seeds, "Blackmail" is the first full flowering of the Hitchcock suspense film and introduces several of the director’s signature themes: the suppression of women by a patriarchal society and the corrupt hypocrisy of the law. In the film, Alice Walker (Czech actress Anny Ondra), an early Hitchcock blonde, kills a date rapist and faces extortion, forcing her controlling boyfriend, a Scotland Yard detective, into a moral and ethical quandary. The film demonstrates Hitchcock’s absolute mastery of silent-film conventions, and though the more familiar sound version of "Blackmail" is also compelling - it was made immediately after the silent was completed and released as Britain's inaugural talkie - the silent is more assured in its use of the camera and far less deliberate in its acting style.

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