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Seminar: Art of the Afterlife across Time and Culture...

Seminar: Art of the Afterlife across Time and Culture...

Presented by Saint Louis Art Museum
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...Ancient Egypt, Renaissance Italy, South Asia, Modern Europe.

Most cultures have beliefs about death and the afterlife, and produce objects related to these beliefs. Some of the most beautiful objects created through the ages have been made to sustain the soul, honor a deceased individual, or illustrate a divine being. In this seminar course, students will get an introduction to the beliefs and art of four cultures through lectures, discussions, and visits to the Museum's galleries.

Instructor: Maureen Quigley is an assistant teaching professor in art history at the University of Missouri-St. Louis and has taught at a number of universities and museums, including Saint Louis University and the Louvre in Paris. She received her Ph.D. in art history at the University of Texas at Austin.

Image: Jackal-Headed God, Anubis, Dynasty 26 (688-525BC), Egyptian; bronze; 8 1/16 inches; Saint Louis Art Museum, Gift of J. Lionberger Davis 216:1954.

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