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What is ArtsZipper?
ArtsZipper is the region’s most comprehensive cultural calendar (www.ArtsZipper.com) featuring the events of hundreds of organizations and venues. ArtsZipper.com is the go-to arts site that includes information about events, how to buy tickets, maps to venues, ticket discounts, arts reviews and blogs.

How do I search for a specific event?
Use the Search Bar and type in the title of your event.  For example -- My Fair Lady.  Then click the Go button.

How do I search for a type of event?
In the Category bar, pull down the options and select a category.  For example -- Dance.  Then  click the Go button. 

How can I search all events?
In the Category bar, pull down the options and select “Please choose (All)”.  Then click the Go button.

How do I view listings by the presenting organization?
Anytime you see the name of an organization in light blue type, click on it to get a full list of that organization’s events. You can also search for an organization.  For example, type -- St. Louis Symphony Orchestra.  Then click on the organization's name, and it will take you to a complete listing of events presented by that organization.

How do I view today’s events?
On the St. Louis Events Calendar click on today’s date.  Or click on the word Today, which is located under the Calendar.

How do I view listings by specific date?
For "Today" or for "Tomorrow" or for "Next 3 Days" look under the calendar and click on the appropriate word.   Or you can click on a specific date. 

How do I view this weekend’s events?
Below the St. Louis Events Calendar select Advanced Search. This will take you to a new page. Select the Start Date and End Date and click Search. You can select more options to narrow your search if necessary.

How do I view events that are opening or closing?
There is currently not a function to search events by their opening or closing dates.

How do I contact ArtsZipper?
At the bottom the webpage click Contact.

How do I bookmark ArtsZipper?
On Firefox go to the Bookmarks menu and select “Add to Bookmarks” or type “CNTRL+D”.
On Internet Explorer select “Add to Favorites…” or type “CNTRL+D”.

How do I link to ArtsZipper?
Add the following text to your webpage to create a hyperlink:

What is your policy for freedom of expression?
Please click here Freedom of Expression and Cultural Diversity Policies.

Are the images on ArtsZipper copyrighted?
Yes. All event information and images are provided by the sponsoring organization.

Why are some events shown on the homepage?
Events randomly circulate on the homepage.

I am a member of an arts organization. How can we list our events?
On the left side of the homepage, click on Add a Calendar Event. It will walk you through the steps of entering an event.

 What is the Regional Arts Commission (RAC)?
Founded in 1985, the Regional Arts Commission (RAC) is a cultural catalyst in the St. Louis area, providing financial, technical, promotional and other support for arts organizations. Directed by a board of fifteen commissioners appointed by the chief executives of St. Louis City and County, RAC is a pivotal force in the continuing development and marketing of the arts in the region. Since its inception, RAC has awarded more than 5000 grants totaling $65 million.  We are located at 6128 Delmar Blvd., St. Louis, Mo., 63112 in the exciting new stretch of The Loop neighborhood, across from The Pageant. (314) 863-5811 or www.art-stl.com.